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Practice Areas


Lots of families find themselves in tough financial circumstance and need help.  Are you interested in discussing foreclosure alternatives with your lender?


Through the Foreclosure Fairness Act your lender may be required to meet with you before it initiates foreclosure.


Your mediation with the lender may result in new loan terms. I've represented hundreds of borrowers in foreclosure mediations.


Are you in need of a real estate form, document, or deed?  For a flat fee I can provide you with the necessary instrument to help you with your transaction.


Examples of available forms include quitclaim deeds, lease agreements, warranty deeds, and easements.

Real Estate Sales

Are you thinking about selling or buying a home?  Do you have a specific question about a potential or pending sale?


As an attorney and licensed real estate broker I have extensive transaction experience.  All those MLS forms can be confusing, let me help you understand exactly what you're signing.


Need a real estate broker? I can help with that too.


As hard as it may be to believe, lenders want to keep you in your home if you can afford the payments.  Many loan servicers are offering loan modifications to borrowers who are strugelling finacially but have regular and stable income.  


Through the course of the recession, and now the recovery, I've helped families navigate through the loan modification process. Put my knowledge of the process and lender requirments to work for you.

Short Sale

Often times the best economical decision can be to walk away from your home.  Do not make this decision without thoroughly examining all of your options, including the sale of the property for less than the value of the mortgage.  This type of sale is called a "short-sale" and can be very beneficial to a borrower for a host of reasons.


I can walk you through how a short sale works and the impact it will have on your financial future. 


​Defaulting on your mortage can be a process that is both necessary and unfortunate. I've worked with borrowers just like yourself who have had to stop their mortgage payment.


Whether you're considering stoping payments or already have, you should consult with an attorney to learn exactly what can happen in the process and be prepared for the outcome.

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